Soopahood Community

We recognise the power of community, when we work together, respectively of race, gender, religion, sexuality, or political affiliation. Everyone has a community, and how they function depends on many factors. It is our hope to encourage diversity, inclusion, and celebrate as well as innovate new ways to cultivate a safe, friendly, and supportive community family.


Ryan is passionate about social change, and empowering communities far and wide, through positive clothing and to transform communities into entrepreneurial-minded ones. So, he created 'Soopahood.' Like superman, he hid behind his glasses as Clarke Kent, but underneath, he was a true humanitarian. 


Soopahood is a new community initiative, who network to build new friendships, learn from cultures, and positive ways to improve neighborhoods into Super ones, we call Soopahood. A network of people committed to positivity, sustainability, empowerment, and entrepreneurship.  Rebellious, vocal, but also, loving and united with a cause to flood society with positivity that dominates hate.

Soopahood Management

We are young and ambitious, but we know, we can't do it alone. Our plans for Soopahood are in the incubation stage, but we want to see diverse communities thrive together with your help. We are looking to form a management team and a select group of trustees, with proven experience within the charity and social enterprise space. If that's you, then please get in touch with us here


Clothes are a statement, so show us that, you are ready to step up, and be a Soopahood Ambassador. Take a look at some of our clothing by clicking the logos.

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Find You Inside, a book for those, who want to find their deepest identity again. 

That's YOU.


Ryan Allen is the host of a new weekly self-help YouTube Show, FIND YOU INSIDE on FYI.

FYI is a new lifestyle YouTube show, that coincides with Finding Ryan, the book that shares insights and useful tips and conversation around mental health for men. The FYI Show is scheduled to broadcast in spring 2021.