The Compass Confederates: Initiated WWIV

The Iron Core of Secrets



Prologue (Sample Sci-Fi Manuscript)



Dorothy spoke of a great library guarded by beasts, a sacred journal, a dominion of keys and a hallowed library –


this was what they were after. Those from the dark needed it to reign on Earth, unlock the gates and kick humans


out. I’d come to realise, although I never knew him - my father that is - that he was a great leader, who’d led an army


of super-humans destined to keep Earth’s balance and protect it. Dorothy seemed to have great knowledge and I was


curious how she knew. Her story gripped me as she continued to tell it. 


‘There, in this world, is a great earth compass. It was carved into the Earth’s shell by angelic light lord – a ruler and priest of great power - known as Seraphim North. He’d been sent to ensure Earth was kept centred, balanced and all dark gates locked shut. If the gates weaken, the fiercest, most vile and repulsive predators, locked away from humanity for centuries, will have access to earth. There are no predators on Earth’s history from BC to present that could match them. They want to take dominion by killing, feeding and destroying earth as we know it. The Iron Core of Secrets, incubated deep within the Earth’s core, moves in time. It spins at a rate faster than earth, filled with all of Earth’s history, supreme knowledge and great power. The Iron Core of Secrets contains all the mysteries of life, its every movement supports life and is connected to the Earth’s compass and is a direct link to the sacred library of secrets. The dark world wants access. If they get it, they’ll find the sacred library and invade it. No mercy.


Sixty-six million years ago your world was hit by a meteor. It caused great pain and most of life was gone, but it had also made the core unstable causing the dark gates to weaken. The Iron Core will gain strength independently within moments but the shock of the meteor shook everything and the realm of darkness heard it. It can be realigned only by a seraphim and a human. A person of noble heart - fearless and courageous – summoned by the Iron Core of Congress. A supreme order will summon a guardian at the incubation stage of birth – to be the bearer of the Dominion-of-keys and member of the Compass of Confederates. It is a great honour for whoever is selected by the Iron Core of Congress to be the bearer and leader of the Compass of Confederates. The leader must take their position and accept the oath of the sacred library and serve until they choose to ascend to Utopia.


If the Iron Core is made unstable by a meteor or climate change it must be re-aligned by a Seraphim or the bearer of the dominion of keys. Jack was a bearer. The Earth compass would find the coordinates to the library - the most sacred place on Earth, second to the Iron Core of Secrets. It was hidden from man until the moment of balance was broken, when the gates began to unlock and the realms opened. Jack recruited a group of followers to help – beings of unique ability. Destiny recruited. Many were born different others, a strange twist of fate gave them their gifts. They’d gone on a great quest to find the compass but evil was searching for it too. Unrelenting, they scoured the Earth, summoning an army, a league of vicious dark angels and demons to overthrow Jack and the Compass Confederates.


A battle began and, with time against them, they fought. The ‘League of Dark Angels’ grew in number, recruiting to overtake Jack’s army. They got in through a gate in London. Immeasurable evil was unleashed upon Earth and many died. Evil reasoned with nature and nature turned on humans: that’s why every creature other than humans had to be destroyed, and one of every kind bred again. Society went underground until the war was over. Everything changed and since then things unseen, hidden behind dark walls, entered with vigour, strength and arrogance. Hell was no longer hiding. They were taking over. Many called it WWIII, the Battle of Realms. They wanted to open all the gates of shadows – Jack stopped them. He might have been mere mortal by birth but he had a heart and soul worthy of a leader. He sacrificed his life to save us all. It all began in Vietnam, September 7, 1963.’






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