Our Philosophy

We understand mental health is a challenge for many, especially men, so we work hard to remain incognito and confidential. 

ROA Lifestyle is all about working with individuals, and companies, who are willing to view partnerships with us on a long term basis. Mental health is a sensitive subject and we collaborate with those who are open to learning and willing to listen.



Every person and organisation requires a tailored approach and no one is alike, so we work with companies and individuals, to find the best and most suitable coaching program and resources to open conversation and bridge trust. Trust and cooperation are at the core of our programs, and we will do all we can to ensure, our clients feel safe and secure with all that they share


ROA Lifetsyle are not general practitioners and so, we provide lifestyle tips, to give helpful advice to gain clarity and free up headspace. Our 4 elements of a healthy life, include; the body, mind,  living and nutrition.  These are vital components to maintain a balanced lifestyle with consistency.  Men like things simple and we believe in the same, so we deliver online coaching and actionable ideas, to motivate confidence and build self-belief and resilience in these very challenging times.

Everyone is different and this includes nutrition and allergies. ROA Lifestyle, promote our clients to undergo 360 allergy tests, so clients are clear about intolerances to gluten, dairy and insects or specific fibres and material. We believe a ROA Conscious client is a wise one, who knows their body and chooses what to put in it. Mindfulness and meditation are at the heart of what we do. You never need to be an expert or pass any exams to meditate, but we will share ideas and proven methods, to help soothe the mind and get you to a calm state of being. And, with practice, able to repeated independently.

Our homes and how they look can impact our lives, so we advise with care and sensitivity, offering new perspectives on how to improve and declutter, where necessary, so headspace can be achieved.  No matter how difficult, it might be, talking about mental health, we want the conversation to be easier, and that is the most important part of ROA Lifestyle transformation.  We cannot promise overnight success, as that relies on genuine commitment, but with open and honest conversation and the right resources made available, anything is possible.

ROA LIfestyle is all about breaking free from anxiety and living life simply and freely.