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What's life all about really? The world's not
stopping for any of us, and somehow,
we have to figure it all out.  

Our mission is to change the mindsets around mental health among our society, in particular with men.  The show aims to demystify the ideas around vulnerability, which has been an internal battle that men of all cultures, have found difficult to find peace with, where their emotions, have been equated to weakness, and sexuality, rather than something simply human. Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness and that's something, men have been conditioned to believe is not true.

Find You Inside is about getting back, to who we are, deep inside. The show is filmed in London, with an upbeat, positive weekly message to encourage, men, to not stay bound or intimidated by society's pre-historic ideas about emotion. The energy in motion (e-motion) is natural and human, so these notions of men being less masculine because they show feelings are unfounded.  We plan to change that on FYI.


'It's ok, not to be ok, and that's nothing 
to be ashamed of chaps.'  - Ryan Allen
 How he found his super creativity through depression that created the
Get Super Magazine concept - Read the story.

Mental Health Is On The Rise. What's next for men

with lockdown and are they hiding their truth?

It seems that recent reports from the Mental Health Foundation, suggest that three-quarters of the UK population, who commit suicide are men.

This is the truth behind masculinity, which has caused so many people, especially men, to feel almost helpless and unable to share their feelings, because that's not what men do. They have responsibilities. That's an old idea, and the impact is devastating. Read the UK stats 

The FYI Show coming to YouTube later this year 2021, hosted by Ryan Allen, takes a different approach to the topic of mental health, with a focus on real hope. The figures are real, but they can change, and it starts with the mindset. Men are suffering, and it's time to make room for the conversation on the weekly YouTube Show, Find You Inside.

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