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The latest news is Ryan's new look brand, which was updated to reflect and seamlessly ties together, entrepreneurship, creative work, and pursuit for social change in an online and offline world.

The Experimentalists

TV Drama Project 

3rd March 2020

Everyone has a dream to explore and that may be a new project, or changing direction to do something else. 

The Experimentalists is a new project, that Ryan Allen, plans to get involved which has been on his bucket list for a few years. This would be the first drama he plans to develop over the next few years.

A dark reality, when seen, cannot be unseen. Death comes next. A series, where humans were never meant to see.

Experimentalists TV DRAMA .png
Ryan Allen Brand

Ryan Allen's New Brand Look. It's all about the 'Y.

17th June 2020

As brands evolve, it's important they remain reflective and current.


The new look is modern, fresh, and shares Ryan's personality. The pink 'letter Y' represents Ryan's creative persona, that doesn't conform but stands out proudly. 

Why is Ryan's question, and the driver behind his brand. 

Finding Ryan, the self-help book for the modern man.

17th July 2020

Finding Ryan is the first self-help book by Ryan Allen, which looks at his own life and how he changed his future for the better.

The book is due to come out later this year to empower men, to be ok, with not being ok. The book is linked to a lifestyle show on YouTube, hosted by the author and change men's mindsets around mental health. 

Finding Ryan