The Compass Confederates: Initiated WWIV

The Iron Core of Secrets



This is my first debut novel (in-production) and planning on completing the full-manuscript next year 2016. I began writing the novel in the summer of 2014. I started writing short stories four years ago to date and shared my writing with friends who kept saying: “You should write a novel.” Of course, at the time I wasn't in the frame of mind to even take it seriously but it was the early part of February 2014, that I re-read some of my work, and the light turned on.


I got to work mind-mapping book titles, spin-offs and anything else that came to mind. It was this mind-map that locked me in. I was hooked. I started reading books to help guide me in this new career venture. I am a huge fan of Dean Koontz, Stephen King and, more recently, Simon Toyne, Christopher Ransom and Kate Mosse. I also enjoy books by Cassandra Clare and applaud all the success she's received. In fact, her videos about how she achieved success inspired me. I'm always looking for inspiring words from like-minded people. 


And so, with all of this in mind, I started planning my first novel. I didn't have a title when I started, but I worked on the story layout and mind-mapped each chapter. This book is a YA Science-Fiction Fantasy. The manuscript is still in-production as I’m working through my chapters. The protagonist in my story is a boy called Jack Adams, a troubled young boy who lived part of his early years in an orphanage. He was too young to remember who his parents were and everyday he'd wake up with nightmares of a war: a war on Earth between creatures spoken of in folklore and those never known in history, who were hiding from humans. Jack grew up and learnt about who he was and about sacred gates, hidden all over Earth. The novel takes you on a journey of proportions, taking you from past to present. The reader gets to meet a very special character in the prologue, who also takes a quest of self-discovery. 


The characters are far from perfect. They have flaws and cracks, made visible to the reader. The book shows you how they too change and become what destiny had planned. The novel travels in time from Vietnam to England, 2029, where war breaks out on earth, not caused by humans but by warlocks and dark beasts, who had been locked out from entering but now they've found a way to get in. Jack and his alliance meet wise creatures, men and women to help keep them out and creatures and humans join forces. 


It's a war that never ends - it evolves. Destiny protects. Governments decide to join forces with beings of immense power - undercover in the world governments. There are beings who renounce their race and sacrifice their power to be part of the community. Now, they discover that they have a leader to guide them. 



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