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Being Yourself. Just Got Tougher.

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Mental Health is a real issue across the global community, and the statistics surrounding anxiety and depression are on the rise. Is being yourself, easier today than it has ever been? I would say, it’s pretty tough. When the world keeps on spinning and you're in this virtual hamster wheel, life gets super fast, and then you blink it's Christmas. What? Then, you ask yourself, where did the time go? Being myself, is knowing what I want, knowing who I am and not compromising that for anyone. But, often, for many, being yourself, requires a lot of effort. The idea of meditation 6 years ago, for me anyway, sounded a bit weird, and that for some might be your response. Today, people are more open to meditation and talking about their feelings, which is so important, especially for men, who statistically, suffer in silence and never share what they are going through. Being yourself, does matter, and if you don't know who you are, you'll have no focus on what you actually want in life. That's what I call purpose, ultimately. Depression and Anxiety are growing among all ages from teens to adults, so it would be wise to say, we need to look at our lives more closely. Take a snapshot of what we have and ask; Is this what I signed up for? Does this even make me happy? We never reflect enough as a society. I admittedly, have been doing my weekly and daily reflections, to make sure, I am consistent on the things that really matter to who I am. It hasn't been easy, but when you stick to a routine, it becomes second nature. If we never take the time, to stop, and look at the life we have, then, I'm afraid we're in the machine and it's virtual. Not even, Keanu Reeves can save you. Thanks to the internet, we have the luxury of gaining knowledge about other people's perspectives. I'm not saying that you need to binge watch YouTube, but there are some great nuggets of wisdom aimed at helping us, better understand perspective. Depression and anxiety are simply a reflection, that our lives are not in the direction, that makes us complete. Everyone has a unique talent or skill, deeply buried in the mind and body, which was there from adolescence. If we could go back in time, or if you're a Doctor Who fan, you might take the Tardis for a spin. On a serious note, we do have abilities, that come naturally to us and when we realise this could become our career or an element of this, extracted and used, could in fact make life that more fun and exhilarating. Social Media Social Media has become a part of our everyday lives, including mine, I see a number of people posting highly, air-brushed or distorted imagery, which suggests a level of insecurity. Is this because are seeking approval or external validation? Truth, is yes. The world has now been overtaken by Perfection Paralaysis, where everyone needs everything to be super perfect and most of what we see, is not even real. So, for all the people who compare or desire lives they see online, let me tell you, it's not real and you only need to be yourself. Easy to say, but, trust me, a life filled with the things you love, is far more fulfilling, then faking it, which from what I see, is a full-time job. A life built on purpose, is one with direction. Oprah refers to this a lot across social media, that finding your true self, only then cultivates a new level happiness and direction. Being you, and living your truth, may sound easy for some to say, but if you ask yourself, who am I doing this all for? Your gut will speak the truth. Connecting with your gut, might just be the compass you always needed and the direction you always hoped for. #media #graphicdesign #branding #graphicdesignerneeded #brandstylist #startup #startups #depression #beyourself #anxiety #brandthinker #lifestyle #editorial