Ryan was born in Birmingham to Jamaican parents in the little town of Aston in 1977. This was where his passion for art began to emerge and was discovered at Secondary school, where his Art teachers recognized his potential.

Soon after finishing his A’levels at Dartmouth, he applied to Birmingham City University to study Visual Communication. There he learnt the skill of design and the power of good, clear, purposeful execution of an idea. After 3 years and a degree, he went to BBC Pebble Mill and learnt about production, planning and how to work in a fast pace environment. It was there that Ryan was scouted as a Presenter, and shown the ropes, taught by seasoned professionals, which opened up new opportunities in TV, Film and Voice Overs.

Ryan decided that it would be wise to keep career options open and upscale his skill-set, so he went back to University to study teaching. Ryan has spent over a decade teaching in schools and is regarded as a charismatic, organized teacher with infectious energy that gets results for his students. Today, Ryan has a new life ambition to launch a lifestyle publication Get Super Magazine, with a real human purpose and his upcoming debut YouTube Show, Find You Inside (FYI Show).




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Ryan Allen
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