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I was sitting down at my desk and had a thought, that when I'm writing and planning this first novel, I should connect directly with my readers. So, with that in mind, I created this page. It's purpose is simply to connect with you, the reader who enjoy Science-Fiction Suspense Thriller. Here you can read examples of my work in progress and add your feedback. The more detailed they are the better, as it will give me food for thought, how I could adapt the stories I write in different ways.


I'm currently working on my first manuscript 'THE COMPASS CONFEDERATES: INITITATED WWIV: The Iron Core of Secrets. This will be part of a four book series, so please do, have a read and any feedback would be welcomed. I will connect with you directly and talk. I have also written short stories, so you can if you wish comment on these too, but it is my current project 'Compass Confederates' which I am looking forward to hearing your response so far, as I will be adding new samples and launching a Facebook Page, solely dedicated to the first manuscript.

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