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How it all began.

The Real Picture

Life often gives us many curveballs, and Ryan O'Neil Allen, had his fair share of challenging times, despite the smiles. Ryan grew up on a council estate in Aston, Birmingham, and raised by a single mother of Jamaican descent. Times were tough, and he shares some of his experiences both good and less so, in his debut book, Finding Ryan.


Ryan graduated from Birmingham City University in the year 2000, where he completed his BA in Visual Communication and it was here, that he discovered his deepest talents for the creative industry. After leaving university, it took over a year, before he landed his first job, at the BBC as a runner.


After many years of working as a school teacher, having left the BBC, Ryan decided he wanted to design again like he used to, but looking back, it was years since he designed anything. He looked at his life, and asked himself, 'What's my purpose?' His heart sank, as he lost his way, and he decided to find himself again. That's when he started designing magazine covers on his iPhone for fun, which he calls 'Get Super,' because that ignited his motivation.

It took him, 7 years, to undo, much of society's programming, around expectations, of what men should do, and what their positions should be in life.  Ryan also faced school bullying throughout most of his secondary school life. Now, he decided, to change all that, by reframing his thinking and doing what matters.


Mental Health was not popular growing up, but today, he's made his mission to help other men, transform their lives into incredible ones. His debut book, Finding Ryan, was the journey he took, to find his way out of the virtual world theme park and back to his truest life.

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