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The Brand Thinker is a full-service Consultancy for SME's, Start-ups and those, who need a unique, modern brand, that is easily understood, with a commercial edge.

Founded by Ryan Allen in September 2019, after Start-up companies were asking Ryan about his work. What they thought he outsourced was all his own creativity. The Brand Thinker was launched for companies who need guidance and a well-crafted brand portfolio from scratch. We deliver outstanding quality, at competitive rates, that are affordable, especially for Start-Ups, Individuals and SME's.

The Brand Thinker are a team of designers, stylists and inventors who skillfully sketch out and build a unique brand identity, that is truly you. We work with companies, big or small, who think future and desire a timeless brand that tells a story.

Company Partnerships

The Brand Thinker welcome opportunities to support and partner with companies who require a team of brand stylists to help their clients. So, if you are a company who represent your clients in public relations or as their agent, we can be your outsourced team to design their personal or corporate brand.

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