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Ryan Allen

Ryan Allen plans to launch ROA Lifestyle in 2021, a modern self-help brand, aiming to help men break free from anxiety.

ROA Lifestyle founded by Ryan Allen is the modern brand for the modern man, who finds it challenging talking about mental health. ROA Lifestyle help men break free from anxiety by providing useful and practical tips from podcasts to virtual events.  

We focus on four areas of life; body, mind, living and nutrition. By tackling these elements consistently, with actionable steps to improve a man's life, is our sole purpose. The human body is a complex organic machine, that we must take great care of, so we can live life to the fullest. Our homes and work environments, can all impact our well-being, including the foods we eat and our social circles. 


At ROA Lifestyle, we help men re-discover a simpler way of living, that's fulfilling and clutter-free in every area of life. It all starts with intention.

A new website is due to launch in May 2021, to open a new way of living, the ROA way.

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Find You Inside, a book for those, who want to find their deepest identity again. 

That's YOU.



Ryan Allen is the host of a new weekly self-help YouTube Show, FIND YOU INSIDE on FYI.

FYI is a new lifestyle YouTube show, that coincides with Finding Ryan, the book that shares insights and useful tips and conversation around mental health for men. The FYI Show is scheduled to broadcast in summer 2021.


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