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Ryan Allen is the founder of the Brand Thinker Design Consultancy. He advises startups on how to position their brands with the big Why, question.

As a designer, Ryan is on a mission to help personal brands and companies ask questions around their core values, challenge mindsets, and redefining who they are and why they should exist.  

Purpose-driven, human-centered brands are the future. A willingness to listen and learn is the first step. Ryan writes his first book, Finding Ryan, a book of self-discovery. Read Ryan's Story

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Find You Inside, a book for those, who want to find their deepest identity again. 

That's YOU.


Ryan Allen is the host of a new weekly self-help YouTube Show, FIND YOU INSIDE on FYI.

FYI is a new lifestyle YouTube show, that coincides with Finding Ryan, the book that shares insights and useful tips and conversation around mental health for men. The FYI Show is scheduled to broadcast in summer 2021.



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