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Ryan Allen plans to launch ROA Lifestyle in 2021, a modern self-help brand, aims to help men break free from anxiety.

ROA Lifestyle founded by Ryan Allen is the modern brand for the modern man, who finds it challenging talking about mental health. ROA Lifestyle help men break free from anxiety by providing useful and practical tips from podcasts to virtual events.  

We focus on four areas of life; body, mind, living and nutrition. By tackling these elements consistently, with actionable steps to improve a man's life, is our sole purpose. Our homes and work environments, can all impact our well-being, including the foods we eat and our social circles. 


At ROA Lifestyle, we help men re-discover a simpler way of living, that's fulfilling and clutter-free in every area of life. It all starts with intention.

A new website is due to launch later this year in autumn 2021, to share a new way of living, the ROA way.

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Find You Inside, a book for those, who want to find their deepest identity again. 

That's YOU.



Ryan Allen is the host of a new weekly self-help YouTube Show, FIND YOU INSIDE on FYI.

FYI is a new lifestyle YouTube show, that coincides with Finding Ryan, the book that shares insights and useful tips and conversation around mental health for men. The FYI Show is scheduled to broadcast later this year 2021.

Hey Ryan Podcast


Hey Ryan is the new lifestyle podcast hosted by Ryan Allen, comes to the airwaves this summer 2021.

Men's emotional wellbeing has been a topic of global conversation, with the world pandemic. Ryan Allen plans to talk and interview leaders from sport to film on the issues, as well as share his own experiences and triumphs. 

The Hey Ryan Podcast will publish shows every Thursday at

7 pm to coincide with the FYI YouTube Show and his upcoming book, Finding Ryan. Guests include NFL Sports stars to international speakers and psychologists. 


Nature has the power to 
change our mindset.

We often forget that nature has a way of grounding us as human beings when we connect with it. The Mental Health Foundation have useful online resources to encourage us all to get connected with nature and local spaces.

That may be, your local park, or countryside. We all deserve to find a sense of balance and clarity, especially with the global pandemic, which we all have had to endure. Whatever the weather, reconnect with natures power to help reduce anxiety and create calm.

Read more on The Mental Health Foundation*

Ryan Allen and associated brands proudly support the Mental Health Foundation & The Felix Project.*

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Kait Borsay Interviews
Ryan Allen on Times Radio's Late-night Show about Men's Anxiety and facing the Titans.

Kait Borsay, Times Radio Presenter talks with Ryan about men's anxiety and the challenges they face during the pandemic and why it's hard to open up and much more.

Download the Times Radio App to tune in and hear the conversation at 12.35 am Midnight GMT with Kait from Friday 23nd to Sunday 25th July 2021.

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Hey Ryan Podcast

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