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Men, Anxiety & The Conversation

Men across the media world are starting to share their truth and concerns around anxiety, which they talk about through tweets or interviews. The rates of suicide are being published regularly and 70% of cases in the UK,  are men and that's before Covid. Celebrities like  Ian Wright,  Gok Wan, Ben Shephard, David HarewoodPhilip Schofield, David Gandy, Dermot O'Leary, Stephen Fry,  Rio Ferdinand, Andrew ScottProfessor Green and Freddie Flintoff 

Dr Alex George to name a few have opened up on television and on social media to step out and speak out about their lives and the issues of men staying silent and mental health in general.

Celebrities and Influencers are opening up and talking about their stories and these are just a few of the many famous people, we admire, and who are being open - despite what many might think or assume that they have no struggles. Noone regardless of status -  is exempt from the grey shadow of depression.  If the most public men in the media, can talk about themselves or about anxiety publically, then surely it can only be a positive thing and an example for other men to follow.  

We admire these men and it would be an honour to have them as Ambassadors for the MATC Conference, as they have shown an honest commitment to see change, through their own conversations publicly.


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