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My Story 

Ryan grew up in the small town of Aston in Birmingham, to West Indian parents who came over to the UK in the 70s. His parents separated during his early years and were raised by a single mother who worked tirelessly to bring him up. Ryan's start in life was very difficult living in a council flat for many of his teenage years before being accepted at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (Birmingham City University) to study for a degree in Visual Communication.

Life changed radically for this ambitious man.

He soon found his feet as a creative and went on to work at the BBC in Pebble Mill as a daytime TV Production Runner, where he learned quickly the skills of television and research. Ryan's personality was soon recognised and encouraged to pursue TV Presenting, which he had a go at, but soon realised it required more than just personality, so he kept it in mind and went on to study for a teaching degree, with a career spanning more than 15 years.

Today, Ryan's life has evolved into one that he calls, his life mission to see 10 Million men break free from anxiety as he did. Ryan's life today is a testament to his resilience to overcome great adversity and make it appear effortless but has been a life skill, he has mastered. Now, as a regular guest on Times Radio, Host of Hey Ryan Podcast, Creative Director of The Brand Thinker and Founder of a new motivational event designed for Men, called the MATC™ Conference,

he has proven, that you can do it.

'I am still quite ambitious and one thing I have always dreamt about would be to have my own Late Night TV Show, which is dedicated to the conversation, around entertainment and anxiety with celebrities and regular people sharing their truth and life hacks.' - Ryan  

Men care too much about society to share what's going on inside.  That's why we do, what we do. We want them to care less about opinions and put their mind first. Life's about the mind and body, without both intact, you're not living.

Ryan Allen, Founder of MATC_edited_edite






To help 10 million men in the UK break free from anxiety and live again with purpose and direction.


To be the trusted self-improvement brand for men, which positively impacts lives and suicide rates to decline across the UK and globally, through the content we create.

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Purposeful - Living with intention 

Fearless - Living progressively with confidence

Curiosity - Open to learning and discovering 

Individuality - Finding your true DNA

Adapt - Willingness to change

Independent - Never requiring external validation 

Instinct - Learning how to trust your gut

Ryan's brands are about social change, to impact men to talk and put themselves first for once.


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