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What We Do

The Bridge Build™ Workshop works closely with Directors, Line Managers and HR Managers to provide solutions using our Bridge Build™ Blueprint method to ease the level of anxiety employees may have while at work.

The key focus for us is bridging the gap of trust and building openness between companies and employees, through our workshops, so the conversation around anxiety, is an easier one, with long term solutions, built over time to change culture and support anxiety.

The Bridge Build™ Workshop is a 6-week program of in-person and online group workshops, using the Bridge Build™ Method.  The outcome of all our workshops allows employees and management to build trust and confidence with each other and manage staff retention.

Ryan Allen, Men's Wellness Advocate

Ryan Allen 

Men's Wellness Advocate and Head of Bridge Build™

People inside organisations are 
finding life hard living with anxiety, so it's time companies of all sizes come together
to create solutions to support staff and manage staff retention for the long term, 
using our Bridge Build™ Blueprint.

Bridge Build Workshops


To enable organisations of all sizes to build bridges of trust and honesty around anxiety with solutions to improve lives at work and company culture. 


To be the UK's trusted and friendly wellness workshop for organisations and individuals who want to put mental health at the top of the agenda and maintain good retention.

Therapy session
Image by Chris Montgomery


Trust - Developing honest conversation 

Empathy - Learning someone's world

Willingness - Open to trying 

Individuality - Finding your true DNA

Supportive - Willing to stand with others

Learning - Becoming a sponge for knowledge

Transform - Changing physical space and self

Bridge Build Workshop for corporates with Ryan Allen


The Bridge Build™ In-person workshop is a 6-week program using our Bridge Build™ blueprint method.  Our aim is to bridge the conversations with

employees and maintain good retention across the company.

The first step is a 30-60 minute consultation where we listen, learn and create workshops that fit your company's needs. Each workshop involves small micro-groups as a pilot. We know companies have the greatest of intentions, but it starts with building a culture of trust and from there change can happen.

Our Bridge Build™ micro-groups,  allow employees and managers to openly or anonymously share their worries in these groups with the aim of finding practical ways staff can get the support they need. All Bridge Build™ workshops have a representative within the organisation, who will become the main point of contact for employees.

Every 2-weeks, we will check in with Bridge Build™ Representatives to monitor progress and also suggest weekend team-building retreats and therapists for those who would require more support at work.

Bridge Build Workshop for Corporates_edi


Bridge Build Online Workshop
Online work meeting

The Bridge Build ™ Online know many companies continue to work from home or follow a hybrid way of working. So, we created a 6-week program to meet the needs of a changing business world, where working from home is the more desirable option, following the pandemic.

Our Bridge Build™ Blueprint method follows a  30 to 60-minute consultation which sets out the key areas a company may wish to look at.  Due to practicality,  we find micro-groups of 6 to 9 people within departments, as a pilot, work best with a wider roll-out, over time. 

The Bridge Build™ Online Workshops aim to build confidence in employees and managers, who might find difficulty sharing anxiety at work or knowing the best way to start a conversation. We bridge the gap and change mindsets.

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