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The Lifeguard In Your Pocket

MATC™ Lifeguard (pronounced like the name MATTS) is the first, modern, interconnected Self-Improvement app, which we plan to develop that acts as a lifesaving tool for people who need help immediately or feel overwhelmed with life and are suicidal.  Simply pressing the app button for 5 sec, can alert people, whom we call the MATC™ Lifesaving Ambassadors.  They are regular people who can be notified geographically, and come to someone's aid who needs a lifeguard. The ambulance and police services can be notified when a MATC™ Lifeguard Distress Call has been sent by a Lifesaving Ambassador.

 MATC™ Lifeguard is the digital friend in your pocket, to be at your side, whenever you need him.  MATC™ plan to partner with The Mayor of London,  local councils, psychologists and therapists for which a user can subscribe and gain mentoring, and 1-2-1 support.


MATC™ Lifeguard plans to run beta tests and pilot the project with support from companies who are mindful of the power of human connection and anxiety.


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